Still thinking of joining large or small company?

Career InsightDecember 09, 2020 17:09


“Is it better to work for a large or small company?”
“Should I join a large organization?”


You’re confusing. Not knowing where to go after completing your Diploma/ Bachelor’s Degree course. Then, you start to seek advice from your parents, friends and mentors but non of them able to provide the insight that you’re looking for.


As such, we are here to discuss. Speaking of big companies, it is referring to franchise groups (Forever 21, Uniqlo), MNC (Honda, TikTok), banking industry (Maybank) etc, while small companies refer to Small Medium and Enterprise (SMEs). During our previous posting, we had listed out the pros and cons of working in small and large company. (link:


But, recently I’ve a different thought about this question.


Forever 21 is filing for bankruptcy and shutting down most of its stores in Asia and Europe, Starbucks closes 400 stores in the US and Canada and AirAsia layoff more than 300 employees. All these big companies were someone’s first choice while landing for a job. Before Covid-19 pandemic, who would’ve ever thought of that? Over 32,469 SMEs have shuttered since the beginning of MCO, says the Entrepreneurship Development and Cooperatives Ministry.


So, despite of thinking to choose big or small company, we should instead take company background as consideration.


What is company background? It consists the element of stability of company and business nature. After the pandemic, there are some industries growing such as IT, medical, packaging, logistic, e-commerce and glove industry. Suffered industries are travel, hotel and accommodation, food & beverages, and flight companies.


You want to stay long in a company, not wishing to being layoff after you join for a month. It is common that company would practice last in first out on retrenchment, meaning that they will lay off new joiners first.
Therefore, study the company background is important instead of considering the company size. Covid-19 pandemic not only change the job market but also change the considerations of employee while looking for a job.



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