The REERACOEN Group was established in 2012 as an overseas brand of Neo Career Co., Ltd. Since then, we have created a place where for those who want to create a better future can meet each other and have been supporting in recruitment and hiring so far.

Amid the different ways of thinking about employment in each country and region, we have accepted diversity rather than “unify” and “homogenize”.

On the other hand, time is the greatest value and we are proposing our customers with speed, quantity of proposals and quality in mind.

We would like to accompany you as a partner that you can always count on us, together we create future and towards the goal.

Create a wonderful future
with those pursuing happiness

The mission of the REERACOEN group, “Create a wonderful future with those pursuing happiness” incorporates various thoughts.

The people who seek “happiness” all over the world are those who wish for a better future.

While it is becoming more familiar to work across countries, the future of the new challenge is expressed as “Wonderful”, expressing the uniqueness of us, such as the exciting future and the exciting tomorrow.

And behind the intention to put “together” is because we want to emphasize that we hope that we can be partner of such people.

In order to make our mission happen, we want to solve the “negativity” of not only customers, but also a sustainable society and the Earth.

Make a change, Better tomorrow.

Furthermore, in order to make mission happen, here is our corporate slogan “Make a change, Better tomorrow” which include the meaning of “We are going to make changes!”. Because we know the thoughts of companies and individuals, we want to work actively, not passively. As an entity that meets customers' expectations every day, we will continue to strive to gain even more patronage. Please look forward to REERACOEN.

Kenji Naito