About Reeracoen

Operating as an overseas arm of Neo Career Group (Japan), Reeracoen has served more than 7,700 corporate partners in over 7 countries across Asia. Established in 2011, Agensi Pekerjaan Reeracoen Malaysia has been serving various employers and jobseekers of different industries across Malaysia, proving to be a well-rounded recruitment agency with a track record.

Our company aims to create a positive impact through trusted solutions for candidates looking for their dream jobs, while offering the finest candidates for our clients.

As recruiters ourselves we know that the recruitment process can be daunting. Thus, our company simplifies the process through thorough selections and only match candidates to jobs that are right for them.

For employers, this means that we provide the right talent who are not only qualified, but also experienced, so that they can contribute to your company from their first day on the job. Over at Agensi Pekerjaan Reeracoen Malaysia, our goal is to offer positions to candidates who can achieve success in companies that provide multitudes of opportunities in a challenging and yet rewarding environment.

Our History

  • Our History

    Neo Career recognized a need for a quality recruitment agency in Japan. They established their first international branch in Singapore in 2011 under the name Reeracoen. As the needs of businesses and job seekers continued to evolve, Reeracoen expanded into Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Japan.

  • Our History

    Reeracoen has been the leading recruitment agency in Malaysia since the 2014 opening of their recruitment agency in Kuala Lumpur, as well as another office in Penang which opened in 2016 to expand the company’s Malaysia executive search agency capabilities.

Employer Services of Reeracoen

  • Sourcing Best Talents for You

    Sourcing Best Talents for You

    We provide proactive recruitment of viable candidates in various industries. This means that we will actively recruit leading candidates in your field from prospective outside graduates and job applicants. We’ll also sift through our extensive database to find the most suitable applicants.

  • Requirement Basis Solution Provider

    Requirement Basis Solution Provider

    We provide a variety of services including mass hiring and top-level recruitment services to ensure our clients are always fully staffed with the most suitable and capable people. We also help our employers find out-sourcing services to meet their business needs and cut down on full-time employment costs.

Providing Qualified Candidates for Employers

Providing Qualified Candidates for Employers

As a leading Kuala Lumpur executive search agency, Reeracoen provides the best candidates across Asia, as well as the best local talent here in Malaysia. As an employer and client, you choose the qualifications and requirements, and our executives perform the tasks necessary to present you with the best possible applicants for your job requirements.

All this means that you can free up your valuable human resources team from having to go through the time-consuming process of recruitment and allow them to focus on your business instead.

Our Achievements

  • Candidate Pool

    Candidate Pool

  • Opening Jobs

    Opening Jobs

  • Corporate Partners

    Corporate Partners

  • Consultants


*Annual Statistic Report in 2019

  • What is your service?

    We will recommend suitable candidates for your positions. We source, screen, interview, and assess job candidates for our client and submit short-listed candidates for your consideration.

  • When do you charge?

    We only charge if the candidate joins your company. We do not charge any upfront fee.

  • What is your strength?

    Speed. We have a large recruiter team of more than 50 members. With our mass number of approaches and team specialisation, we are able to provide candidates promptly as well as supporting mass hiring. Other than that, we have specialised consultants to support language hires like Japanese speakers. All our Japanese Speakers are tested by our native consultant to provide an accurate Japanese level.

  • What region do you cover?

    We have branches in Penang, KL and Johor. We are able to support hiring in all states of Malaysia. Other than that, we are licensed to recommend foreigners to work in Malaysia and Malaysian to work overseas.

  • Are you a licensed recruitement agency?

    Yes, our license number are JTKSM450C/JTKSM450C

    2A/JTKSM450C 1A.

Are you looking for talented candidates?
Are you looking for talented candidates?
Are you looking for talented candidates?

Our consultants help you to source and shortlist best talents for your business!