How interviewers evaluate your communication skills?

Career InsightDecember 14, 2020 15:36


For most jobs, good communications skills are required. Regardless of the industry or role, employers always seek for employee who can communicate well both verbally and non-verbally. It’s hard to work as a team if people aren’t communicating well.

One of the ways to evaluate a candidate’s communication skills is by looking at their cover letter. A well-written, error free cover letter and resume can help to impress and shows your non-verbal communication skills to HR.

Good communication skills not only meaning that you can speak fluent language, but also based on the speed you respond to the interview questions, the way you answer etc. When comes to an interview session, these subtle interactions are showing how the candidate may communicate on the job. A skilled interviewer does not need to ask you any specific questions about your communication skills. They observe.

There are several factors that interviewers will look into: listening, confidence, empathy, friendliness, non-verbal communication, respect, clear and concise on responding questions.

Communication is never one way; candidate will need to be a good listener to answer interview questions. Some people who struggle with communicating effectively will just answer whatever they think is being asked without thinking if they have it right. If the candidate suddenly veering off with something not relevant to the question asked, that’s not a good sign. Try to answer with few sentences to express your interest clearly instead of one sentence answer. 

Next, interviewers might ask behavioral questions about communication such as “Tell me about a time when you had conflict with colleague”, “Tell me how you handle challenging customer” etc. Answer your story in a clear and logical way. Don’t try to interrupt or dominate the conversation. Look your interviewers in the eye when you speak to them with body language.

The ability to communicate is among the top considerations of employers in hiring process. If you want to get hired, prepare your interview, improve your communication skills and practice on the way you convey the message help give you a smoother interview!



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