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Electrical Engineering, Assistant/Section Manager ID:38425

Job Description - Report to Electrical Engineering Department Manager (film division)
- Plan and ensure that all the respective machinery/facility equipment are running smoothly by conducting daily, weekly and monthly maintenance work
- To perform trouble-shooting and carry out corrective action when machine/facility equipment encounter problem
- To lead a team of Engineers, technicians and contractors to perform all the relevant maintenance work
- To observe safety rules and regulations and to ensure safe working procedures is established and follow by team members when performing the maintenance work
- To report to the department manager on their work progress and make suggestion whenever necessary to improve environment as well as machine performance
- To involve in project related assignment and any others special function work when it arise
- Provide technical expertise to electrical engineers, providing practical design feedback by actively participating in design reviews and ensuring manufacturability and serviceability requirements are met
- To propose suggestion whenever necessary to improve working environment as well as machinery stability and safety requirement
- Be an advocate for innovation: identify new technologies, promote new ideas and concepts and patent relevant ones and inspire the team in doing the same
Required Qualifications - Language : English (basic communication)
- Education Background : Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
- Skill : Knowledge in thermodynamics and thermal design
- Experience : Minimum 3 - 5 years of experience in electrical engineering and experience leading/managing engineers and technicians
- Certification : N/A
- Age : 28 ~ 45
- Others
• Good written and oral communication skills
• Strong leadership, mentoring and interpersonal skills
Salary Monthly Salary 2,900MYR 〜 6,000MYR
Location Penang

Program Management Section Manager (JP Speaking) ID:38815

Job Description - Report to Program Management Department Manager
- Manage and take initiative to lead a project with team member to meet customer’s requirement and KPI target
- Coordinate with internal and external colleagues to keep the timeline as committed to customer
- Ensuring the delivery of products or service from projects is to the appropriate level of quality and on time with budget
- Managing risks to the project’s successful outcome
- Reporting the progress at regular intervals to direct superior
- Negotiating with customer to maintain reliability and company profit
- Travel overseas (Thailand, America, Mexico and etc.) 5 ~ 6 times yearly
Required Qualifications - Language : English, Bahasa Malaysia, Japanese (JLPT N3 Level)
- Education Background : Candidate must possess at least Degree in any field
- Experience :
• At least 8 years of sales experiences in automotive industry of which 3 years are in leading position
• Understanding of business flow and knowledge in new product launch activities will be added advantages
- Require skills : MS Office, management skills and communication skills
- Certificate : N/A
- Age : 35 ~ 45
- Others :
• A team player with excellent interpersonal, presentation skills and able to communicate to all level including oversea customers
• Able to work under pressure
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000MYR 〜 9,000MYR
Location Penang

Finance Section Head ID:39738

Job Description - Report to Finance Department Manager
- To lead and monitor finance team daily and monthly costing section closing
- Development of standard cost
- To lead / conduct physical inventories and monitor cycle count program
- To prepare profitability by products
- To analyze finance information, actual and standard material cost
- Compliance of accounting standard and GST regulations
- To prepare accurate and timley financial reports to management
Required Qualifications - Language : Chinese, English
- Education Background : Candidate must possess at leas Degree in Finance / Accountancy / Banking or equivalent
- Experience : At least 3 year(s) of working experience in manufacturing background is required for this position
- Require skills : MS Office and experience in SAP is an added advantage
- Certificate : N/A
- Age : 35 ~ 45
- Others :
> Strong team player with good communication and interpersonal skills
> Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500MYR 〜 6,500MYR
Location Penang

【ペナン勤務】日系大規模工場でのプロセスエンジニア ID:40986

Job Description マレーシアの人気エリア、ペナンにてプリント基板などを製造する日系企業にてプロセスエンジニアを募集しています。1,000人を超える大規模な工場で日本人も多く働いています。

・プロセス改善のためのマニュアル作成やルール作成 等
Required Qualifications 【必須】
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 15,000MYR
Location Penang

【ペナンエリア勤務】日系大手製造業のメンテナンスマネージャー(予防保全) ID:41548

Job Description 日系大手製造業の現場にて、製造設備のメンテナンスをお任せ致します。
Required Qualifications 【必須スキル】
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000MYR 〜 12,000MYR
Location Penang

【東南アジア各国の出張あり】金属製品の製造メーカー/営業職【ペナン勤務】 ID:40655

Job Description 海外出張あり!はんだ製品の海外営業職を募集!



<<業務内容>> 職種:営業職

Required Qualifications ■必須スキル
Salary Monthly Salary 120,000JPY 〜 150,000JPY
Location Penang

【ペナン勤務】日系大手メーカーでのプロジェクトマネジメント ID:41692

Job Description ペナンエリアに位置する、世界的に有名な大手日系メーカーでプロジェクトマネジメントのお仕事です。日本やマレーシアだけでなく、世界中に工場があるため海外出張もあるお仕事です。
・海外出張(タイ、アメリカ、メキシコ 他)

Required Qualifications 【必須】

Salary Monthly Salary 8,000MYR 〜 9,000MYR
Location Penang

Production Engineer ID:40070

Job Description - Report to Head of Department
- To assist Manager in controlling and coordinating overall daily activities in the department
- To install and maintain production equipment
- To calibrate test and measuring equipment
- To implement process control and quality improvement activities
- Jigs and fixtures improvement
- To confirm quality of incoming parts whenever necessary
- To supervise subordinate
- To prepare related documents for use in production
- To conduct technical training to production staff
- Support production department to achieve target
- To do other tasks and functions subject to our Administrative instructions and working conditions which may be issued from time to time governing any work, conduct and condition of employment
Required Qualifications - Language : English
- Education Background : Degree in Electrical & Electronics / Mechatronics Engineering
- Experience :
> Fresh graduate is encouraged to apply
> 2 ~ 3 years of engineer experience
- Require skills : N/A
- Age : 22 ~ 30
- Certificate : N/A
- Others : N/A
Salary Monthly Salary 2,600MYR 〜 3,000MYR
Location Penang


Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000MYR 〜 3,000MYR
Location Penang

Engineer trainer ID:40681

Job Description - Report to Manager of Engineering Department
- Providing training to new staff
- Training of Machine tools such as Surface Grinding Machines, Machining center, Numerically-controlled lathe etc..
- It takes about 3 years to be able to use all machine by themselves
Required Qualifications - Language : English, Malay
- Education Background :Any
- Skill : Candidate must have more than 5 years of Machine tool experience, Trigonometric function
- Surface Grinding Machines experience will be advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 2,500MYR 〜 3,500MYR
Location Penang

セールスマネージャー職 【ペナン勤務】 ID:40166

Job Description <<会社概要>>

プラスチック樹脂射出成形 (plastic injection molding) を設計から製造までワンストップソリューションを提供しており、サービス領域は、ウエハー、医療パーツ、オートメーション、パッケージングまで様々な展開をしております。現在はプラスティック医療用品を中心にサービス展開しております。

<<業務内容>> 職種:セールスマネージャー(幹部候補)



① プラスチック加工・パッケージ
② 産業用材料・貿易
③ 食品・生鮮食品(海鮮物)・貿易




Required Qualifications <<応募資格>>

① 医療系産業(分野問わず)での5年以上の経験
② プラスチック産業での5年以上の経験
③ 食品(海鮮加工食品)産業5年以上の経験(専門商社など)


Salary Monthly Salary 7,000MYR 〜 12,000MYR
Location Penang

All11 (1〜11 )