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Mold Engineering (Plastic Injection Moulding) ID:40673

Job Description Company Introduction : It's a leading injection moulding based multinational company which was establishment (HQ & Malaysia) in the year of 1993 and specialize in producing complex plastic components in a range of engineering thermoplastics. The range of products includes plastic moulded parts use in Automotive, Industrial, etc.

Location : Negeri Sembilan (Mantin), 25 minutes driving distance to Negeri Sembilan town.

Job Responsibilities :
- To repair the injection mold using with different and specific tools.
- Perform and supervise in house mold repair and modification.
- Plan out procedure and implement strategies mold improvement activities and prevention action.
- Maintain, review and update work procedures and instructions in accordance with ISO requirements
Required Qualifications Requirements :
- Good command in English
- Preferable Diploma in Engineer or relevant field
- More than 1 year experience of repairing molding injection
- Knowledge of utilize in many tools to repair mold
- Male candidate aged of 30 years old and above

1. Send in your latest CV to
2. Call in +603-2020 1885 for more information.
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000MYR 〜 3,500MYR
Location Negeri Sembilan

-Truck / Heavy Vehicle- manufacturer- Maintenance Senior Engineer ID:40683

Job Description Company Introduction: Established in 1910, Japan based motor vehicle/automotive manufacturing. One of the world's leading manufacturers of diesel truck maker and has been export to more than 100 countries around the world. Their ideology is helping people and goods to get a better place with a responsible respect to the environment.

Location: Sendayan Tech Valley, Seremban (need own transport to reached)

Job Scopes:
• Analyze current processes by generating Process Flow Diagrams and Value Stream Maps in order to benchmark and/or
quantify current performance, identify and quantify waste, and to establish metrics for quantifying the improvement activities.
• Identify and minimize process waste by leading and organizing Kaizen events centered on Value Stream Mapping, Poka-Yoke, Jikoka,and Visual Management Systems.
• Achieve significant improvements in Operational Efficiency by implementing Kanban systems, , and Standardized Work
distribution practices.
• Demonstrate deep Project Planning skills to accurately estimate work effort and resources needed to execute initiatives.
• Apply techniques that support and sustain employee enthusiasm and implement strategies that enable parties with different
or opposing outlooks to recognize common goals and work together to achieve them.
• Perform slotting criteria and execution for new product launches and ongoing order fulfillment activities.
• Support and help execute other tasks as assigned.
• Develops models that supports current and future KPIs.
• Supports the reporting of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual KPIs as defined by HOD.
Required Qualifications Requirements:
- age: at least about 30 years old
- Language : English and Malay
- Experience :more than 3 years experience in related field
- Gender :Male
- Require Skill :
• General knowledge of manufacturing processes required.
• Proficient with MS Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel
• Able to manage multiple tasks
• Able to read and interpret instructions, procedures, etc.
• Team player with exemplary communication skills.
• Flexible and able to adapt to changing environments and priorities and function without rigid organizational boundaries.
• Must show evidence of increasing responsibility with years of experience.
• Must be able to demonstrate a successful track record.
• Highly energetic, creative, intelligent, and logical.
• Able to work extended hours in critical situations.
• Must be a team builder.

1. Send in your latest resume to
2. Call in +603-20201885 for more info.
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500MYR 〜 4,500MYR
Location Negeri Sembilan

【住宅手当・車支給】印刷・出版業界の営業職 ID:36536

Job Description -取り扱い説明書や、企業パンフレット、イベントのポスター等をデザイン、製造、販売している会社での営業職です。最初は新規開拓で、日系企業に対してテレアポ、訪問をしてお客様のニーズ(印刷物)を聞き、製造部門との連携、納入に励んでもらいます。エリアはKLとその近郊になる予定です。


Required Qualifications ・基本的社会人スキル(2-3年の1社での社会人経験)
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 6,000MYR
Location Negeri Sembilan

Production Control Manager ID:35053

Job Description -Completes production plan by scheduling; revising schedules; resolving problems; reporting results of the processing flow on shift production summaries.
- Assess processes, take measurements and interpret data
- Run, test and upgrade systems and processes
- Develop best practices, routines and innovative solutions to improve production rates and quality of output
-Supporting production lines
-groping and execution of production process for a better production
-analysing and implementing the designs for a new model lineups
- Team member is 2 - GM(50age) and executive(30age)
Required Qualifications Race: Chinese or Malay
Language: English
Education Background: Diploma
Experience: more than 3 years of Control manager experience)
Require skills: N/A
Certificate: N/A
Age: 30-45
Gender: male
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500MYR 〜 4,000MYR
Location Negeri Sembilan

Quality Planning Assistant Engineer(JP speaker) ID:40101

Job Description - To develop new model.
- Monitor the localization part & also design change.
- Carry out engineering design of various projects.
- Prepare engineering drawings according to Classification Societies.
- Perform any other duties as assigned by superior(s) from time to time.
- Communicated with other department for improvement.
- Communicated with HQ for any task given.
- Arranged meeting with other related department if have any urgent task.
- Audit Supplier.
Required Qualifications Language: English, Japanese
Education Background: Diploma/ Degree in Mechanical Engineer field
Experience:1~2 years of working experience in related field
Require skills: Proficiency in Excel and Microsoft Office
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000MYR 〜 4,000MYR
Location Negeri Sembilan

All5 (1〜5 )