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3,000 MYR ~ 3,500 MYRShah Alam13 days ago


  • Salary

    3,000 MYR ~ 3,500 MYR

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    This company provides consistent services from planning, design, manufacture, construction and after-sales services of all processes between the entrance and exit of "Painting systems" in small to large-scale plants.

    As a Sales engineer, mainly following up existing clients.
    Biggest client is a automotive manufacturer.
    Since they need manpower for whole process of their services, they will flexibly assign a job to the new staff depending on the skill or experience.

    Main duties:
    ・New installation or updating of painting system to the factory
    ・Parts changes for installed machines

    Including below:
    >Discuss and propose to clients and make a project plan
    >Mechanical Design for installing painting system (basically Japan will prepare detailed design)
    >Project management, schedule management
    >Make a quotation for the project
    >Purchasing, ordering of machine parts (price negotiating)
    >Prepare a project specification documents
    >Machine trouble shooting
    >There might be a technical training in Japan for a while
    >Business trip to other branches such as Thailand, Indonesia, India and etc for supporting project.

    *Above will be OJT
    *Most of the clients are Japanese company
    *Big project takes 1~2 years to complete, costs million ringgit. (1 time in 2 years)
    *Basically the system is installed during holidays (when factory operation is stopped), so required to attend work
    e.g. CNY, Hari-raya, Hari-raya haji will be require to attend work in turns.


  • Requirement

    - Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma or Professional Degree in any field
    ※Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply

  • English Level


  • Other Language


Additional Information

  • Benefit

    - EPF, SOCSO, EIS provided
    - Transportation allowance (Can Claim)
    - Sharing company car for visiting
    - AL : 12, MC: 12
    - Flex Working time

    Working on Saturday - 50%
    OT: ×1.5/h (Sat×1.5, Sun×2, Public holidays×3)

    *Their project is conducted during long holidays, so must attend work on holidays.
    Can replace the day off during the weekday.
    e.g.) project during Hari-raya (6 days)
     ⇒ attend 3 days and switch with another staff.

  • Working Hour

    8.30am ~ 5.30pm

  • Holiday

    8.30am ~ 5.30pm Mon - Fri

    once a month Saturday working
    *Saturday will be Salary/h ×1.5
    *Sunurday will be Salary/h × 2
    *PH will be Salary/h × 3

  • Job Function