Maintenance Engineer (Chemical Plant) [Johor]ID:54954

6,000 MYR ~ 8,000 MYRKulaiabout 1 month ago


  • Salary

    6,000 MYR ~ 8,000 MYR

  • Industry

    Manufacturing(Chemicals/Materials), Consulting

  • Job Description

    • Maintenance of water treatment chemical factory and its equipment including but not limited to manufacturing equipment, wastewater treatment facility, and utilities
    • Regularly inspect machinery, tools, and facilities to identify potential issues and proactively address maintenance needs.
    • Diagnose and troubleshoot equipment malfunctions, coordinating with technicians to implement timely and effective solutions.
    • Collaborate with management and manage the maintenance plan and budget of the abovementioned equipment including cost control, effective operation, and breakdown prevention.
    • Coordinate with external vendors for specialized maintenance services and manage vendor relationships.
    • Day-to-day operation related to the waste generated from water treatment chemical factory.
    • Monitor, key-in, and analyse waste data to identify any issues or trends that may require corrective action.
    • Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, equipment history, and inventory of spare parts.
    • Enforce safety regulations and promote a culture of safety within the maintenance team.
    • Collaborate with other departments or organizations to address any day-to-day issues or concerns arising out of the abovementioned equipment.


  • Requirement

    • Education Background
    >> Minium Diploma in mechanical/electrical related field

    • Experience
    >> Over 5 years of facility maintenance experience in chemical manufacturing line
    >> Best to have experience dealing with water treatment chemical
    >> Strong technical knowledge of machinery, equipment, and maintenance practices preferably in a supervisory capacity

    • Certificate
    >> Preferable to possess CePSO, CeBFO, CePIETSO, CePSWAN

    • Others
    >> Leadership skill, able to adapt in a new environment, problem solving
    >> Able to adapt in a new environment
    >> Ability to diagnose and solve complex maintenance issues.

  • English Level


  • Other Language

    Malay, English

Additional Information

  • Benefit

    Total Salary = RM 6,000 ~ RM 8,000

    ◆ AL = 10days

    ◆ MC = 14 days

    ◆ Medical Benefit
    >> Free medical treatment by the Company’s appointed doctors.
    >> Hospitalization Leave 60 days

    ◆ Insurance Coverage
    >> Personal Accident
    >> Group Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (GHS)

    ◆ Bonus Scheme
    >> Previous maximum bonus 3 months / year (depend on achievement)

    ◆ Annual medical checkup (provided by company)

  • Working Hour

    0830 ~ 1730

  • Holiday


  • Job Function