Cell Process Engineer (Diffusion)ID:52545

3,000 MYR ~ 5,000 MYRKulim
  • Job Function

    Process Engineer, Other(Electrical/Semi-Conductor) Engineer

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    1. The Diffusion engineer is responsible for the following processes: Diffusion and annealing
    2. Responsible for production line maintenance, trouble shooting, OCAP training, etc.
    3. Responsible for the optimization and improvement of diffusion and annealing process,improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency and yield of solar cells;
    4. Material importing for diffusion process;
    5. Analysis for reworking wafers of diffusion process;
    6. Controlling the uniformity of sheet resistivity and hydrophilicity after annealing;
    7. If necessary, carry out shifting work to maintain production lines;
    8. Completed other tasks assigned by leaders.

  • Requirement

    - Education Background : Bachelor's Degree/Professional Degree in any field related with photovoltaics, science materials, physical chemistry, physics, microelectronics, semiconductors, etc
    - Experience : Minimum 3 years’ experience in solar cell process development
    - Require Skill :
    - Deep understanding of the working principle of solar cells;
    - Can independently solve the troubles of diffusion and annealing production lines;
    - Be familiar with the principle of diffusion and annealing, experience in diffusion and annealing process of solar cells is a plus;
    - Familiar with Microsoft Office, JMP, data analysis software is a plus.

    Contact us:
    1. Send in your latest resume to info-my@reeracoen.asia

  • Other Language

    Mandarin, English

  • Benefit

    - Public holiday
    - Medical claim
    - Transportation allowance
    - Phone bill claim
    - Free meal at factory canteen
    - Replacement time-off if OT

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