Cell Process Engineer (Wet) ID:52544

3,000 MYR ~ 5,000 MYRKulim
  • Job Function

    Process Engineer, Other(Electrical/Semi-Conductor) Engineer

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    1. The Wet engineer is responsible for the following processes: texturing and polishing;
    2. Responsible for production lines maintenance, trouble shooting, etc.
    3. Responsible for the optimization and improvement of texturing and polishing process,improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency and yield of solar cells;
    4. Material importing for texturing and polishing process;
    5. Analysis for reworking wafers of wet process;
    6. Controlling the uniformity of reflectivity and de-weight after texturing and polishing;
    7. If necessary, carry out shifting work to maintain production lines;
    8. Completed other tasks assigned by leaders.

  • Requirement

    - Education Background : Bachelor's Degree/Professional Degree in any field related with photovoltaics, science materials, physical chemistry, physics, microelectronics, semiconductors, etc;
    - Experience : Minimum 3 years’ experience in solar cell process development
    - Require Skill :
    - Deep understanding of the working principle of solar cells;
    - Can independently solve the troubles of texturing and polishing production lines;
    - Be familiar with the principle of texturing and polishing, experience in texturing and polishing process of solar cells is a plus;
    - Familiar with Microsoft Office, JMP, data analysis software is a plus.

    Contact us:
    1. Send in your latest resume to info-my@reeracoen.asia

  • Other Language

    Mandarin, English

  • Benefit

    - Public holiday
    - Medical claim
    - Transportation allowance
    - Phone bill claim
    - Free meal at factory canteen
    - Replacement time-off if OT

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