General Manager - Corporate Services (Finance, HR cum Admin)ID:52177

20,000 MYR ~ 22,000 MYRKota Damansara/Petaling Jaya
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    The General Manager is tasked with overseeing daily business activities, improving overall business functions and revenue, training heads of departments, creating and managing revenue and expenses budgets, developing strategic plans, creating and executing of policies, timely reporting and communicating business goals.

    Reporting directly to Managing Director, the job holder heads the Corporate Service (CS) Division and Customer-After-Sales Service (CASS) Department. He/She has direct responsibility for Financial and Accounting Management and the execution of Company's Policies. As a member of the Top Leadership team, she/he is expected to be a role model and is required to pro-actively formulate strategies and initiatives leading to higher staff productivity and efficiency of the Company while ensuring compliance to Group and Company's policies and rules. She/he will work closely with / value add to Department and Section Heads in CS Division. He/She must possess the competency to adivce, consult or coach other Departments / Divisions in the Company.The departments in Corporate Service Division are:

    1. Finance, Accounts, Warehousing and Logistics
    2. General Administration (Legal, Corporate Secretarial, Human Resource Services, Facility Management, General administration, Compliance, Operation & Method)
    3. Information Technology Services
    4. Customer After-Sales Service

    Core Responsibilities (KRA = Key Results & Accountabilities Areas)
    2.1 Finance & Accounting Operations
    2.2 IT services
    2.3 Human Resource Management and Development
    2.4 Compliance, Operation and Method
    2.5 Customer-After-Sales Service (CASS)
    2.6 General Administration - Corporate Secretariat, Legal, Facility Management
    2.7 Company's Performance & Overall Operation

    3.1 Finance & Accounting Operations
    a. Managing, Monitoring, Planning and hands-on all and full aspects of Finance & Accounting operation.
    b. Provide unsolicited advice and guidance on Company's Financial Status, Performance and update on Company's Policies and Segregation of Duties to Management Team
    c. Coordinating and directing the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts and report variances
    d. Timely vouching and approving of monthly financial statements, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Flow, etc
    e. Ensure compliance to Accounting and Treasury Group Polices and Rules, Standard Operating Procedures and Segregation of Duties
    f. Monitoring of Company's Advertising & Promotion Expenses, Costing tabulations, etc
    g. Timely verfication and follow through action on Audits Outstanding Matters (OSM), Audit Reports, Self-Assessment, etc.
    h. Staff upkilling and development
    i. Establish good working relationship with Service Providers

    3.2 IT services
    a. Review, propose and monitor upgrading of hardwares and softwares
    b. Digitalised work flow processes
    c. Project Team for software development
    d. Compliance to Group Policies and Rules

    3.3 Human Resources & Development
    a. Dedication to building and growing a strong and stable workforce
    b. Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities, including the ability to recognize and cultivate rising talent
    c. Implement plan/activity to support staff Development / Training Needs Analysis
    d. Review Job Description to commensurate with remuneration and rewards
    e. Performance Management
    f. Working outsourced service providers
    g. Recruitment and training
    h. Review and update Employee Handbook and Compliance Code of Conduct including organising regular seminars on related topics.

    3.4 Compliance, Operation and Method
    a. Timely submission of self assessment reports and /or surveys
    b. Knowledgeable of all activities inside and out of the Company
    c. Establish, review and update policies and processes.
    d. Conduct internal audit to test SOPs

    a. Provide leadership for CASS Team
    b. Overseeing the Management and Operation of CASS and Spare Parts Centre
    c. Establish working relationship and proceses with Authorised Service Centres (ASCs)

    General Administration - Corporate Secretariat, Legal, Facility Management
    a. Ensure compliance via regular education
    b. Provide Leadership and support to the Team
    c. Value add to the daily operation and function of the Team

    a. Provide day-to-day leadership and management
    b. Responsible for driving the company to achieve and surpass sales, profitability, cash flow and business goals and objectives
    c. Ability to comfortably and energetically present/communicate the company and its products, services and goals
    d. High-level understanding of all business functions such as IT, HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Sales, Retail Operation, After-sales-service, etc.
    e. Aptitude in sound decision-making and problem-solving under pressured conditions
    f. Collaborate with the leadership team to develop, educate and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, policies, processes, and staff.

  • Requirement

    - Education:
    > Min. Degree in BA or related disciplines, or Major in Finance & Accounting
    > Cdd with MBA will have added advantage
    - Experience:
    > 20 years in Finance & Accounting and latest 5 years in Top Leadership Position
    > Must also possess knowledge and experience in HR and Administration

  • Other Language

    Malay, Mandarin, English

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