Project Manager (Solar Industry)ID:50078

10,000 MYR ~ 15,000 MYRKulim
  • Job Function

    Whaerhouse, Shipment/Import & Export, Logistic coordinator

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    1. Responsible for the overall advancement of the project schedule, including the establishment and implementation of project design, construction, and changes;
    2. Assist the commercial department in preparing bidding plans, contracts, etc., and assess relevant bidders;
    3. Organize the review of the design plan, participate in the evaluation of the construction unit, and review the construction organization design of the project;
    4. Responsible for the preliminary survey of the project, negotiate the technical docking with the construction contractor, coordinate the connection and cooperation of various procedures, and solve the technical problems in the construction;
    5. Responsible for guiding the installation of the project site and monitoring the whole process management of the construction phase of the project;
    6. Responsible for the safety implementation, project quality and construction progress of the company's project construction;
    7. Responsible for the daily work arrangements and work results supervision of the project management team;

  • Requirement

    - Education Background: Diploma, Degree or above, engineering management, electromechanical engineering and other related majors
    - Experience: More than 6 years of operation, management and engineering experience in Solar Project / Power Plant Project.
    - Require Skill:
    > Familiar with the power system equipment and process production equipment of the photovoltaic industry battery module workshop;
    > Familiar with the whole process of project management and related businesses, and be able to work independently;
    > Proficient in Office and CAD and other related office software.
    - Others:
    > Sense of responsibility
    > Good attitude, communication and coordination skills
    > Excellent team management skills

  • Other Language

    Mandarin, English

  • Benefit

    - 13th Month Salary
    - Transportation Allowance = RM 200
    - Phone Bill claim = Cap at RM 300
    - Free meal at factory canteen (Currently provide RM 15 / day until canteen ready)
    - AL = 14 days (Manager Level)

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