Project ManagerID:48052

6,000 MYR ~ 12,000 MYRBangsar
  • Job Category

    Programmer, Project Manager, Other(IT/Internet/Telecommunications) Engineer

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    -Manage projects and communicate with Japanese clients.
    -It is a project management business of WEB application development / WEB production / maintenance using RCMS.
    -We manage the progress of the entire project, including director work, such as hearings, proposals, quotations, and task management for web development, accompanied by sales or independently.

  • Requirement

    ・ Management and communication skills
    ・ Direction experience related to WEB production and development
    ・ Those who can handle multiple projects in parallel
    ・ Those who can respond to diversity and change ・ Those who have negotiation power
    ・ Those who have knowledge of WEB development
    ・ Person who can propose / plan
    ・ Those who want to acquire a wide range of knowledge and experience

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  • Benefit

    Salary 6000-12000
    Working time 9am-6pm

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