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【fresh graduate only】【Open】Service TechnicianID:45620

2,600 MYR ~ 3,000 MYRPetaling Jaya
  • Job Category

    Maintenance Engineer, Service Engineer, Sales(Corporate)

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    Since the Toshiba Machine Group was founded in 1949, it has helped Japan and the world develop by supplying the machines required by industry. Currently, we are aiming to become a "comprehensive machinery manufacturer that supports the world's 'monozukuri'" by focusing on four strategic key phrases: "energy and environment," "improving labor productivity," "IoT (Note 1) and ICT (Note 2)," and "handling new materials." These four strategic key phrases are important for the automobile, electronics, optical, and nanotechnology industries that are in the spotlight today, because we will be developing, manufacturing, selling, and providing retrofit after-sales services for injection machines, die-cast machines, extruders, microscopic transcriptional machinery, precision machinery, machine tools, electronic control devices, industrial robots, etc.

    Movie for the molding injection tools

    <job summary>
    - This company provides for injection molding machine (company main product).
    - It will be easier to business comparing to other competitors as the area is wider.
    - Service Technician handles for exesiting client.
    ※80% local client and 20% Japanese client(such as Proton, Perodua, Panasonic, Sony).
    - Mainly handling new setup factory or maintenance as the product can last for 20 years and is expensive.
    - Handling area is KL area.

  • Requirement

    - Language : English and Chinese
    - Education Background : diploma in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or other technical field of study
    - Experience : fresh graduate only
    - Require Skill : drivers license
    - Certificate : N/A
    - Others : N/A

  • Other Language

    Cantonese, Mandarin, English

  • Benefit

    ・Bonus 1 time(on average 1 month)
    ・CNY bonus
    ・Annual Leave
    ・Medical Leave
    ・provide company can
    ※can use for visit client and own commute
     ※Can claim petro

This job is closed

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