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Analog IC Design Engineer ID:39674

Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 10,000MYR
Job Description * Through understanding of detailed analog circuit design and the ability to design independently various functional blocks.
* Detailed knowledge in the design and operation of the following analog blocks
* Basic Analog building blocks (op amps, comparators, current sources, current mirrors, voltage references)
* Power Management blocks ( band gap references, linear regulators, DC-DC converter of various topologies, LDOs)
* System level protection blocks (UVLO, POR, OTP, short circuit protection etc)
* PLL and transceiver blocks (output drivers, multiplexer and de-multiplexer, clock generator, equalizers, clock and data recovery, frequency
detectors, oscillators, filters)
* ADCs and DACs
* In-depth understanding of leading process technologies such as sub-micron CMOS, BiCMOS/DMOS, BCD, HV
* Experience with design practices such as minimizing device mismatch, noise, signal coupling, ESD, latchup and device SOA is a must.
* Experience with simulation tools required to efficiently simulate analog/mixed signal circuits e.g spectre, ultrasim, hspice, etc
* Understanding of simulations models, design rules and verification procedures (DRC/ LVS/ERC is essential.
* Modeling and design skills in Verilog- A/ Verilog -AMS and system modeling with Mathlab are an added advantage.
* Experience in IO Interface circuit design and analysis
* Exposed to high speed IOs e.g. USB2, LVDS, PCIE , Serdes, MIPI
Holidays 18 days AL
18 days Medical Leave
Welfare Accomodation allowance RM 800 (Foreginer only)
Transport allowance RM 200