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Production Assistant Supervisor ID:37521

Salary Monthly Salary 4,000MYR 〜 5,000MYR
Location Klang (Selangor)
Job Description -the candidate will work in manufacturing factory as a product management
-The product will export to Japan, China and other country
-The company have 2 time shift, daytime (7am to 7 pm)and night time(7pm to 7am) it is rotation each 2 weeks.
-Currently 2 supervisor manage the factory but it can't keep good quality (sometimes worker sleep) so candidate will support supervisor
-monitor the product line and workers
Required Qualifications Language: English,Bahasa Malaysia,
Education Background:N/A
Experience: 3 years related experience
Require skills: know how to manage the production line and foreign worker
Language English:Communicative
Other Languages:Malay
Holidays -daytime shift(6 days a week), night shift(5 days a week) it is ROTATION
Welfare -Meal