Welding Engineer (CWI)ID:54925

8,000 MYR ~ 13,000 MYRNibong Tebal3日 前


  • 給与

    8,000 MYR ~ 13,000 MYR

  • 業界

    Manufacturing(Machinery), Manufacturing(Chemicals/Materials)

  • 仕事内容

    1. Developing welding procedures and standards: Responsible for creating and implementing welding procedures that adhere to industry standards, codes, and safety regulations. This includes conducting research and staying updated with the latest advancements in welding techniques.
    2. Designing and evaluating welding processes: Analyze project requirements and propose efficient welding processes that meet quality, cost, and time constraints. This involves selecting appropriate welding methods, equipment, and materials.
    3. Providing technical expertise and support: Offer guidance and assistance to welding teams, helping them troubleshoot issues, select appropriate.
    4. Support for ad-hoc activities requested by superior


  • 応募条件

    - Education Background: Diploma or above in related field is preferred
    - Experience: At least 8 years of related working experience
    - CWI certificate is a must
    - Well versed in English

  • 英語


  • その他言語