Relail Manager ID:51445

4,000 MYR ~ 6,000 MYRNibong Tebal
  • 职业类别

    Store development, Store/Branch Management, Inventory management, Retail sales, Other, Buyer/Merchandiser

  • 产业类别


  • 工作内容

    Job Description:
    1. Directing the daily operations of a retail chain in order to maximize profit and minimize costs.
    2. Ensure proper staffing at all stores under their management.
    3. Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures
    4. Provide training to employees to enhance their job performance and retention.
    5. Carry out assessments to estimate the requirements of each retail store in order to facilitate provision of needed resources.
    6. Conduct inventory analysis to determine optimal stock levels.
    7. Determine the quantity of products or category that should be supplied to various stores using sales figures.
    8. Develop and implement budget and plans for retail operations
    9. Ensure compliance with health/safety policies and procedures at retail sites
    10. Visit retail locations to evaluate sales performance and customer satisfaction level.
    11. Visit retail establishments to ensure efficient and effective management as well as high performance sales
    12. Oversee the merchandising of products across retail outlets.
    13. Review sales records to ensure set financial objectives are met.
    14. Analyse operational expenses and cost of inventory to identify losses and develop strategy for increased profits.
    15. Set and regulate product pricing using results of market and demand analysis
    16. Communicate with MDF PIC to update them on recent developments, such as price change.
    17. Address and resolve customer complaints.
    18. Set sales targets and implement action plans for achieving set objectives.
    19. Oversee the preparation and distribution of promotion materials and flyers.
    20. Monitor the operations of the customer service unit of retail outlets to ensure their services meet and exceed the expectation of customers.
    21. Proffer recommendations on suitable ways to optimize space at stores during events such as discount sales.

  • 应征条件

    - Education Background: Min Diploma / Bachelor’s degree in business studies, business administration, or a related discipline.

    - Experience : Min 5 years of shop management and staff training experiences, preferable to have clothing and marketing research experiences (if don't clothing retail experiences also can try, as long as have professional experience on retail)

    - Require Skill :
    1. Organizational Skills: Retail operations managers are able to coordinate sales operations across a retail chain.
    2. Accounting Skills: They are well versed in reviewing and evaluating sales records and financial statements.
    3. Communication Skills: They are proficient in interacting with store managers and retail staff to communicate information relevant to sales

  • 其他语言

    Malay, Mandarin, English

  • 福利制度

    Medical Insurances.

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