How to Create E-Signature

GeneralApril 10, 2020 09:28

Signatures are commonly used to authenticate a document or writing and to bind individuals by the clauses contained in the document. While most people would generally prefer physical signatures, it is proven to be quite a hassle especially when the signer has to print the document, sign, scan and send the signed document to the other party. Such inconvenient process can be avoided by creating an electronic signature instead.


It is more efficient to create an electronic signature and more environmental friendly too – you need not waste papers! Besides, electronic signatures are also legally recognized in Malaysia by the Digital Signature Act 1997 and Electronic Commerce Act 2006.


How to create Electronic Signature with Adobe Acrobat Reader?

First, open the PDF document or file with Adobe Acrobat Reader & look for the “Fill & Sign” logo.


Then, click on “Fill and Sign”.


Then click on “Add signature”.


Adobe allow three ways to create your signature: Type, Draw & Image.

Select Draw to draw your signature and click on “Apply” once you are done. Make sure to click on “Save Signature” so you can easily attach this signature to your documents in future.


Place your signature at the desired location.


Finally, remember to save the PDF file by clicking on “File” on the top left pane and select “Save As”.


Now you are good to go! Happy Signing away smiley


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