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【ペナン勤務】日系大規模工場でのプロセスエンジニア ID:40986

Job Description マレーシアの人気エリア、ペナンにてプリント基板などを製造する日系企業にてプロセスエンジニアを募集しています。1,000人を超える大規模な工場で日本人も多く働いています。

・プロセス改善のためのマニュアル作成やルール作成 等
Required Qualifications 【必須】
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 15,000MYR
Location Penang

食品・外食が好きな方必見!食品メーカーの工場長 【プトラジャヤ勤務】 ID:40660

Job Description コンビニ食品の製造工場での工場長を募集!建設準備から一緒に携われます。中食事業の海外展開に於いて、マレーシアでの工場運営に携わっていただきます!


Required Qualifications ■必須スキル

Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000JPY 〜 8,000,000JPY
Location Putrajaya/Cyberjaya

-Electrical Cable- QA Manager ID:41626

Job Description Company Profile: One of the fastest growing Power Cable Manufacturers in Malaysia and Singapore. With ISO 9001:2008 accredited for its Quality Management System. Awarded and recognized by different government authorities of different countries: Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, Singapore Housing & Development Board (HDB), Brunei department of Electrical Services (DES), Jabatan Kerja Raya (Public Works Department of Malaysia) and Suruhjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission of Malaysia)a and SIRIM of Malaysia.

Location: Beranang area (Selangor), need own transport to reach. The region location is opposite of Nilai and Kajang area.

Job Scopes:
1. Manage the whole QC team to ensure effectiveness of QC department to support factory operation.
2. Collaborate closely with production team to conduct quality related training and inculcate culture of continuous improvement.
3. Involve in gap assessment to ensure consistent compliance to OSHA, 5S, quality system at the shop floor.
4. Establish a technical standard or requirement for new product.
5. Conducts new raw material, engineering process, machine or sample trial run with a trial run report.
6. Ensure incoming raw materials used and outgoing goods are in line with its specification. .
7. Ensure timely renewal of respective certification and liaise closely with 3rd party auditor for FAT or related quality audit to facilitate the renewal process.
8. Fully committed to maintain quality management system and compliance to respective quality standards.
9. Ensure proper documentation, safe keeping of respective standard and guideline for easy reference
10. Prepare a quality monthly report and report quality related problem to senior management as and when necessary.
11. Activately investigate and coordinate customer complaint cases..
12. Responsible for other duties and functions as stipulated in the procedures of the firm’s Quality Management System and shall:
a. ensure that the quality management system conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001;
b. ensure the processes are delivering their intended outputs;
c. report on the performance of the quality management system and on opportunities for improvement in particular to top management;
d. ensure the promotion of customer focus throughout the organization; and
e. ensure that the integrity of the quality management system is maintained when changes to the quality management system are planned and implemented.
Required Qualifications Requirements:
- Well-versed in Malay & English
- Must possess at least Diploma, advanced diploma. Bachelor Degree in QC or any related field.
- At least 2 to 3 years of working experience in related field.
- Aged from 27-35 (Male)

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2. Call in +603-2020 1885 for more information.
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000MYR 〜 5,000MYR
Location Others,Location

-Chemical Substance Manufacturer / Processing- Senior Production Engineer/Assistant Manager ID:41382

Job Description Company Introduction: A subsidiary company of a large Japanese group which mostly focusing on the chemical material division for electrical devices, as they started their core business in Electronic industry in 1912 (Japan). Having branches overseas, such as Mexico, USA, Germany, Italy, China, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asia countries.

Location: Seksyen 23 (Shah Alam, 10 minutes driving distance to Uptown Shah Alam)

Job Scopes:
* Lead the production team to meet product quality and delivery requirements
* Optimize productivity and machinery capacity
* Initiate problem-solving and trouble shooting processes
* Training the operation staff to meet production activities and targets
* Establish and maintain SOPs and quality records
* Enforce good housekeeping and safe working practices
* Initiate cost savings activities
* Initiate projects to improve production capability and effiency
* Involve in external/ internal audits
* Plan manpower to support daily operations.
* Develop KPI to align with company objectives
Required Qualifications Requirements:
- Proficient in English
- Graduated Min Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering/ Polymer Technology/ Material Science
- Min 3 Years experience in similar capacity in chemical industry
- Aged from 28-35 (Male)

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2. Call in +603-2020 1885 for more information.
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000MYR 〜 6,500MYR
Location Shah Alam (Selangor)

日系プラスチック加工メーカーでの技術アドバイザー ID:41513

Job Description プラスチック加工業の分野では業界トップレベルの評価を受けている日系メーカーにて技術系のアドバイザーを募集しております。マレーシアだけでなく世界中で工場を展開している企業です。マレーシアでは主にテレビ、オーディオ、空調、コンピュータなどの電気部品製品のためのプラスチック射出成形を行っています。
- 工場長補佐
- 金型立ち上げ
- 生産スケジュールに基づいて金型テスト実行
- 製品ラインでのトラブルシューティングと対応策
- 成形品質改善
- 金型改善
- 成形その他一般業務
Required Qualifications 【必須スキル】

Salary Monthly Salary 7,000MYR 〜 8,000MYR
Location Shah Alam (Selangor)

-Chemical Substances Manufacturer- Technical Assistant R&D Manager ID:41225

Job Description Company Introduction: Established in 1918 (Japan), 1995 in Malaysia. Currently having 300 employees in the organization. Core business is manufacturing paint, including construction paint, protective paint and industrial paint. Mainly targeting car industry, manufacture industry, construction industry.

Location: Klang (Selangor)

Job responsibilities:
- To plan R&D Program for the decorative product division in accordance with sales and marketing strategies
- To initiate and introduce any innovative technology advancement
- To provide technical advice and assistance to another department
- To ensure quality, cost specification of products with division are maintaining competitive
Required Qualifications Requirements:
- Possessed a Degree in Chemical or its equivalent with science background
- At least 5 year of experience working as Chemist or related industry

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Salary Monthly Salary 4,000MYR 〜 6,000MYR
Location Klang (Selangor)

-Latex Processor & Manufacturer- Production Executive/Senior Production Supervisor ID:41234

Job Description Company Introduction: Have been operated more than 80 years, One of the Japanese well known manufacturing of rubber latex product. They are exporting their products to Japan, China, Asia Pacific countries, USA and Europe. Besides that, They have been become one of the best source of natural rubber latex in the world.

Location: Section 26, Shah Alam

Job Descriptions:
* Responsible for production and manpower planning, production plant improvement project
* Responsible to maintain production ISO standard
* Responsible for cost control and budgeting
* Responsible for production monthly reports
* Ad-hoc Project assigned by department head
Required Qualifications Requirements:
- Well versed in English
- Posses at least Diploma in Engineering
- At least 5 Years of working experience in the same industry
- About 5 years in the same industry
- Computer literate with knowledge of MS Office Application, QNE ( will be advantage)
- Willing to learn
- Team Player, Good Planning Skills and Detail Oriented, Self Driven/ Self- Motivated
- Self-Discipline
- Prefer Male candidates Age from 30 - 35

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2. Call in +603-20201885 for more info.
Salary Monthly Salary 3,500MYR 〜 4,500MYR
Location Shah Alam (Selangor)

Injection Molding Engineer ID:39648

Job Description -this company provide IT printer, there are fourth in the world.
-there are five department and employee is around 1000
-candidate work in factory
-this company is expanding, extend office, they are looking for candidate as a increase
-candidate will be in production department, there are 14 members
-design, configuration, product as a injection molding engineer.
-candidate will do multi task until assembly.
-Report to department head
Required Qualifications Language: English, Chinese/Malay
Education Background:N/A
-Good attendance
-Work experience more than 2 years as a injection molding engineer
-Candidate can multi task until assembly
-Available to transport to office
Require skills: N/A
Certificate: N/A
Age: 24-35
Gender: Open
Others: N/A
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000MYR 〜 5,000MYR
Location Malacca

-Medical Devices / Equipments- Project Manager ID:40092

Job Description Company Introduction: This company is a well-known and large group in Japan, established in 1973 with the group size of 5000 currently. They have multiple division of business direction such as Industrial Raw Materials, Raw Food, Restaurant, Polymer Engineering and Corporate Services. This position is designed under the division Polymer Engineering and Life Science technology. In another word to say, it is the manufacturing of medical devices and equipment by using plastics injection molding technique.

-Bangi, about 5 minutes driving distance to Bandar Baru Bangi (Convenience stores and restaurants are available).
-Quick access to Lebuhraya Utara- Selatan.

Job Responsibilities:
•Responsible for managing complex, strategic new product development programs with diverse cross functional and global customers’ core teams.
•Lanning of all project activities including multiple program phases, stage gate control and separate project teams.
•Active involvement with project and task prioritization and overall workload balance for the group.
•Synchronization of core team efforts and management of the overall project schedule, resources requirements, project expenses and capital budget.
•Prepare standard costing of products for Sales & Marketing Department with details of part cost and tooling cost.
•Responsible for driving program execution while ensuring the program/project activities meet internal/external customers’ requirements through Product development cycle/ Product Development and Launching Process (PDLP) from T0 to T3
•Drive and coordinate Validation processes & preparation of Documents (DHF, DMR, DFMEA, PFMEA and Risk Analysis files).
•Update progress status report to management and view by Senior Leadership.
Required Qualifications Requirements:
- Able to communicate in English
- Possess a Diploma/Degree in Engineering/Tooling and Design or equivalent
- Experience Project Manager in medical devices/food/GMP, Management skill is essential.

1. Send in your latest resume to
2. Call in +603-20201885 for more info.
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 7,000MYR
Location Bangi (Selangor)

アシスタントマネージャー ID:37863

Job Description 木材を切断、加工し日本へ輸出している日系企業でのアシスタントマネージャー募集です。
Required Qualifications 【必須スキル】
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 7,000MYR
Location Pahang

【マレーシア移住を検討中の方】【長期勤務できる方募集】金属加工品メーカー/法人営業職【クアラルンプール勤務】 ID:40699

Job Description <<会社概要>>

<<業務内容>> 職種:営業職

Required Qualifications ■必須スキル

Salary Monthly Salary 3,000MYR 〜 4,000MYR
Location Selayang Baru (Selangor)

Production Planning Assistant ID:40718

Job Description - Production Planning in Production team
- The factory is working 24h on weekdays (Only day time shift for production team)
ーOn the job tanning will be provided
Required Qualifications - Language : English and Malay
- Education Background : Doesn't matter
- Experience : More than 2 years of working experience in manufacturing
- Require Skill : Knowledge of VBA

Salary Monthly Salary 1,000MYR 〜 1,500MYR

樹脂成型技術職 【バンギ勤務】 ID:40167

Job Description <<会社概要>>
プラスチック樹脂射出成形 (plastic injection molding) を設計から製造までワンストップソリューションを提供しており、サービス領域は、ウエハー、医療パーツ、オートメーション、パッケージングまで様々な展開をしております。現在はプラスティック医療用品を中心にサービス展開しております。

<<業務内容>> 職種:樹脂成形技術者

- 主に医療用プラスチック製品の射出成形作業、品質管理、生産管理をご担当いただきます。
- 製造だけでなく、現地メンバーへの技術指導やマネジメントも行って頂きます。


Required Qualifications ■必須スキル

Salary Monthly Salary 6,000MYR 〜 10,000MYR
Location Bangi (Selangor)

Assistant Production Manager ID:39969

Job Description * Report to Production Manager
* Department number:15 to 20 (staffs & operators)
* Assist for setting production machine parameter.
* To follow instruction of Factory Manager while the superior is absent.
* Assist in abnormal condition feedback to superior.
* Assist supervising the whole production performance.
* Assist control and supervising line subordinates, material & matter.
* Submit production report if manager is absent or directed by manager.
* Assist evaluate subordinates’ performance.
* Assist control & maintenance company equipment, coordinate with subcontractors.
* To undertake any other related jobs directed by the superior from time to time.
Required Qualifications Education : Minimum Diploma and above.
Experience: at least 3 years related experience
Language:Chinese, English
English, Malay Language and Mandarin
• Able to understand the machine operation of the company.
• Able to perform simple machine maintenance.
Age:minimum 43 years old
Gender:Male only
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000MYR 〜 5,000MYR
Location Malacca

Assistant QA Manager ID:39970

Job Description * Responsible to overall Quality System in Quality Control function.
* Responsible to ensure the raw material (chemical) is compliance to company requirement and maintain the quality record.
* Recruit and train new QA staff.
* Responsible to lab result and daily report writing.
* To ensure all the equipment of QA department is all maintain and calibrated.
* Responsible on quality assured to customers satisfaction. Feedback to customers on corrective or preventive actions to ensure no new
complaints in future.
* To undertake any other related job directed by immediate superior from time to time.
Required Qualifications Education : Candidate must possess at least a STPM, Diploma or degree in any engineering field
At least 3-4 years working experience in related filed
Language: English, Malay Language and Mandarin
Skill:Knowledge of ISO 9001 will be an advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 3,800MYR 〜 4,800MYR
Location Malacca

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