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Finance Executive ID:39928

Job Description Company Introduction:
Since its founding in 1923(Japan), this company has achieved steady growth as a company handling construction operations, providing engineering service, such as construction management, project management, purchase of materials & machinery, procurement of local materials.

Bangsar, surrounded by Shopping Malls.
Just 10 to 30 drive from most places, like Petaling Jaya, Damansara and Shah Alam.
Or reachable by KTM as well.

Job Scopes:
-Handling Account Receivables (AR) and Account Payables (AP)
-Handling project budgeting and actual data entering
-Ensuring accuracy of the data and information presented in related reports
-Prepare financial reports on time
-Assisting in ad-hoc tasks.

Required Qualifications Requirements:
Language: Chinese, English and Malay
Education Background: Diploma or Degree in Accounting
Experience: at least 3 years of experience / above
-Well-versed with software such as ACCPAC
-Knowledge in GST Malaysia and taxation (individual and corporate)
Age: 28-35
Gender: female
-Willing to work OT
-Good at time management
-Experience in MNC environment / Construction company is preferable

1. Send in your latest resume to
2. Call in +603-20201885 for more info.
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500MYR 〜 5,000MYR
Location Bangsar (KL)

Procurement Manager ID:39836

Job Description - Creation quotations for vendors, maintaining, price comparison for the quotations
- Review the documents and negotiation with vendors/contractors.
- Arrangement of commercial discussions with the suppliers and negotiating commercial terms for supply and coordinating with engineering team to negotiate.
- Purchase Order processing
- Coordinating shipments with requisite internal and external entities to ensure the safe and timely delivery of materials and equipment from supplier’s delivery point to job sites.
- Maintaining contact with suppliers to monitor the material acquisition, production progress and shipment, and to obtain timely submission of engineering data.
- Scheduling area expediting, coordinating with area expediting personnel assigned to perform project visits, reviewing their reports, and taking corrective action on problems identified in the reports.
- Monitoring Engineering Document Submission progress as per agreed schedule
- Identifying the critical document requirement on timely basis from Engineering end and follow to avoid any hold in linked activities
- Coordinating with supplier with appropriate incorporation of comments given by engineering team
- Closely working with own engineering and supplier team on critical open action items
- Visiting supplier facility for clearing held up activities on requirement basis
- Reviewing supplier submitted monthly progress report and highlighting actions accordingly for in house engineering as well as for client team.
Required Qualifications Language: Chinese, English and Malay
Education Background: Diploma or Degree in Business Administration or any field
Experience: Experience more than 5 years
Require skills: Operate well with MS Word, MS Excel
Certificate: N/A
Age: 30-40
Gender: Female
Others: N/A
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 7,000MYR
Location Bangsar (KL)

Sales ID:39657

Job Description - Interview customer's request for inbound (telephone or e-mail)
- Search rooms based on request conditions
- Ordering and contract arrangements
- introduce rental property from inquiries from our company HP and approach to potential coustomers as well.
- handling local malaysian and non japanese.
- Current 2sales members
- report to MD
Required Qualifications Language: Chinese and English (speaking and writing)
Education Background:
Experience: 2-3 years of sales experience
Require skills:
- willing to learn new knowledge
-basic Excel, Word
Age: 25 - 32
Gender: open
- must have own car
- willing to learn new knowledge
- no job hopping person.
Salary Monthly Salary 2,800MYR 〜 3,400MYR
Location Johor

業務管理マネージャー ID:39747

Job Description 【会社情報】




・販売中物件 (マレーシア)
・売物件 居住用建物 (日本)




・業務管理、不動産売買および建築リフォーム (現在は4つの自社物件を扱っています)
・発注業務 ・現場の施工管理



Required Qualifications <<必須>>




Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 7,000MYR
Location Mont Kiara (KL)

Project Assistant Manager ID:39072

Job Description - It is a job at the Mitsui Outlet expansion project
- Proceedings of meetings · Filing of drawings · Report preparation · Material creation
- Assisting the development team (2 Japanese and 1 local)
- 80% office work, 20% work site work
Required Qualifications Language: English
Education Background: Degree in any field
Experience: More than 2 years working experience Real estate industry
Require skills: N/A
Certificate: N/A
Age: 27 - 40
Gender: Open
People who can work extensively. Because perform incidental work on the project.
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000MYR 〜 4,000MYR
Location Bukit Bintang (KL)

Electrical Engineer (senior/lead) ID:27005

Job Description Lead Engineer shall have capability of engineering, design, and verification of the electrical systems of the plant based on the Project Specifications, TPSC standards, all applicable design codes, laws, and permits. The Engineer shall have own experiences and capability to design following documents even they may be prepared by Discipline Engineers. This requirement to Engineer’s personal experiences of design shall be applicable for any other documents that are to be checked or approved by the Engineer.
a) Single Line Diagrams (SLD)
- Overall Key SLD
- Switchyard SLD
- Distribution panel SLD
b) Electrical Load List
c) System Studies
d) System studies shall, but not limited to, the following.
- Short circuit study
- Load flow study
- Voltage drop study
- Transient stability study
e) Electrical Logic Diagram
- Overall electrical trip logic
- HV switchyard
- MV/LV switchgear
- Emergency diesel generator(EDG)/Black start diesel enerator(BSDG)
f) Electrical system philosophy
The document shall describe detail operational philosophy and shall cover entire electrical system including generation systems and high voltage switchyard.
g) Sizing Calculation
- Generator step up transformer (GSUT) sizing
- Unit auxiliary transformer (UAT) sizing
- LV auxiliary transformer sizing
- DC battery and charger sizing
- UPS sizing
- EDG/BSDG sizing

h) Protective Relay Coordination
The Engineer shall be responsible for ensuring that the relay coordination including HV switchyard, MV/LV SWGR and MCC, and EDG/BSDG relay settings by using ETAP software.
i) Design Interface with Owner/other supplier
Engineer shall coordinate technical detail with gas turbine / steam turbine supplier for generator unit and with Owner for the interface between plant switchyard and power grid.
j) Electrical BOP Specification
Project specific equipment specifications and data sheets for all balance-of-plant (BOP) electrical equipment. This shall be used for Request for Quotation as part of technical specification.
k) Signal Exchange List
Prepare signal exchange list showing the interconnecting control wiring for all electrical equipment. Each circuit breaker, starter, protective relay circuit, interface with the DCS, generator unit, power grid and vendor supplied equipment shall be clearly shown.
Required Qualifications MUST Experience in Thermal Power Plant
Min 5(Five) years experience as electrical design engineer
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 10,000MYR
Location Bangsar (KL)

All6 (1〜6 )