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Human Resources & Administration ID:39737

Job Description - Export polymer (95% oversea like China,Europe and America)
- 360 staffs (300 staffs in Kuantan ,60 staffs in KL)
- Work as assistant manager
- Support Japanese officer during meeting, and documentation task
- work in Kuantan. (mainly labor management and payroll )
- 4 HR members in KL and 9 in Kuantan.
- Often communication with labor manager center.
Required Qualifications Race: Chinese, Malay
Language: English
Education Background: does not matter
ー【MUST】 5 years of HR experience at manufacturing company
ー【BETTER】experience multiracial country (not only Malaysian company but also Japanese or foreign country )
Certificate: -
Age: over 30
Gender: does not matter
- working in Kuantan is not business trip, therefore some one live in Kuantan will be priority, if not, someone who can relocate to Kuantan.
- person who is good at analyse numbers & figures and can negotiate with people well
- with actual achievement experience will be advantages
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000MYR 〜 8,000MYR
Location Pahang

HR Section Manager (Pahang) ID:40755

Job Description Company Introduction: Established in March 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of a Japanese Plastics-related products Manufacturer and began manufacture and sales of polyacetal resin and various other engineering resins. The company headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur and the plant is located in Kuantan, Pahang State. Core business is doing export of polymer (95% oversea like China, Europe and America).

Location: Gebeng Industrial Estate (Kuantan)

This position requires to handle Full set of Human Resource including:
-Managing the recruitment and selection process
-Assess training needs to apply and monitor training programs
-Labor management including foreign worker (60 persons)
-Outsource staffing management
-Dealing with labor union
Required Qualifications Requirements:
- Well versed in English
- At least Diploma and above in any field.
- More than 10 years of Full Set of Human Resource experience
- Experience MNC (not only Malaysian company but also Japanese or foreign country )
- Candidates Age from 35
- Others:
Self-starter & Kai-zen mind

1. Send in your latest resume to
2. Call in +603-20201885 for more info.
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000MYR 〜 12,000MYR
Location Pahang

Fire and Explosion Engineer ID:40588

Job Description Company Profile & Introduction:
It is a diversified company with over 50 years experience in the manufacture of multiple products including chemicals, polymers, plastic resins, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, electrical & electronic materials and synthetic fibers. The company started its operations in Gebeng Industrial Estate, Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur in 1995 manufacturing Impact Modifiers, Expanded Polyethylene and Polypropylene, PVC Paste Resins, Synthetic Fiber Wig & Polyimide Film. With people and technology growing together into creative fusion, they will break fresh ground for the future and tie in to explore New Values.

Location: Pahang (10 minutes driving distance to Kuantan Port)

Job scope:
-Manage and ensure proper implementation of overall Fire prevention systems in accordance with legal requirements and safety rules,including preparing and conducting emergency response and preparedness during drills and actual situations.
-Prepare and write reports detailing specific fire prevention and protection issues, such as work performed, revised codes or standards, and
proposed review schedules. Prepare technical or operational reports.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Safety/ Fire Prevention
* Develop Master Plan and involve in inspection of Fire Fighting Equipment
* Assist in setting up emergency response equipment, understand the emergency respond team set up, emergency alarm and fire panels
* Assist in setting up auditing and maintenance of the plant fire and safety protection system and responsible in conducting in house fire
fighting training.
* To lead and conduct investigation related to fire incidents.
* Study the relationships between ignition sources and materials to determine how fires start
* Check with follow up parties on the progress in the implementation of the recommended corrective and preventive actions.
* Advise engineering and other construction personnel on fire prevention equipment and techniques, and on fire prevention and techniques,
and on fire code and standard interpretation and compliance.
* Inspect building or building design to determine fire protection system requirements and potential problems in areas such as water supplies,
exit locations, and construction materials. Inspect facilities or sites to determine if they meet specification or standards.
* Coordinate the purchase, modification, installation, maintenance and operation of fire protection systems. Coordinate installation activities. Coordinate equipment maintenance or repair activities.
* Attend workshops, seminars or conferences to present or obtain information regarding fire prevention and protection

Emergency Preparedness/ Emergency Response
* Review the Emergency Response and Preparedness procedures regularly to ensure suitability
* Responsible in providing training for Damage control team and conduct periodical drills/training
* Ensure compliance of related plants to regulations under the control of industrial Major Accident Hazards (CIMAH) Regulations.
* Ensure and monitor emergency response drills ( Lvl 1,2,3) are conducted in accordance with planned schedule.
* Ensure that all fire prevention systems and fire fighting equipment are functioning, well maintained, regularly inspected internally and
externally as planned schedules.
* Ensure all firefighting equipment's and facilities within company comply with Fire Service Act and Regulations including Uniform Building by
* Ensure company's Integrated complex and Tank Facilities obtain yearly premise certificates.
* Liaise with BOMBA pertaining to issues related to fire prevention systems.
* Conduct and arrange regular trainings internally and externally to attain competency of all identified Damage Control Team members.
* Maintain and ensure CMS Systems (Direct link to BOMBA) are functioning and inspected at regular basis.
* Ensure the reports from contractors whom servicing the systems are obtained timely
* Carry out total ESH audit related to Fire Services Act Regulations and Uniform Building by Law
* Maintain necessary documents and records in accordance to legal requirements, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards.
Required Qualifications Requirements:
- Proficient in English
- At least Degree in Science or Engineering or related field
- Minimum 5 Years experience in Manufacturing environment
- Familiar with Fire Fighting and Suppression system
- Underwent fire fighting and fire prevention training
- Aged from 28 to 40
- Someone able to interact and communicate with all level of staffs in the company

1. Send in your latest resume to
2. Call in +603-20201885 for more info.
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500MYR 〜 8,000MYR
Location Pahang

R&D Technical Engineer (Japanese Speaker) ID:38229

Job Description - Assist handling of customer complaint including leading a team for RCCA and communicate with sales team on the result
- Responsible the safety work and equipment for 10L operation and related facilities
- Responsible the safety work and equipment for Kurtz Machin and related facilities
- Develop employees assigned to his department, ensuring correct application of tools, career path and performance evaluation review as per requirement for fair assessment for subordinates
- Coaching,counseling,supervision and motivating a team of subordinates
- Ensures and consolidates that the growth of the technical know-how- within the group is shared and consistently increasing.
- Actively searches for best-in class technologies among competitors and develops innovation road map and applies all relevant international regulations/norms/standards.
- Work closely with sales and technical service team to assure that customers focus and target costing are met
- Support technical service for any technical support, when requested by customers, on new part (FA sample molding trial) in order to obtain quality approval from end-user
- Ensure all the inventories of schedule waste under his control are updated and maintained.
- Support plant trouble shooting for process and equipment
- Establish/review of DFMEA,SPC for new product development and propose changed of existing process performance related to FMEA and SPC
- Assist for revise of HIRARC,SOP and Aspect & Impact Matrix for plant.
- To ensure all the ICP data, RoHS and Halogen related to banned substance are updated and maintain in accordance to customer requirement and regularly arrange for testing
- Perform other duties as assigned and instructed by Management
Required Qualifications Language: English,Japanese
Education Background:Japanese graduate in Engineering or Science
Experience: Sufficient fundamental knowledge and understanding in EPO bead, molding technology and input in factory design
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000MYR 〜 4,500MYR
Location Pahang

アシスタントマネージャー ID:37863

Job Description 木材を切断、加工し日本へ輸出している日系企業でのアシスタントマネージャー募集です。
Required Qualifications 【必須スキル】
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000MYR 〜 7,000MYR
Location Pahang

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