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Custom Layout Engineer ID:39688

Salary Monthly Salary 4,500MYR 〜 8,000MYR
Job Description * Work on custom analog, digital and mixed signal layout IPs such as ADC, DAC, oscillators, regulators, LDO, DC-DC and PLLs.
* Capable of block or fullchip level floorplanning in analog/mixed signal design.
* Have done multiple tapeouts and proven record of designing complex ICs/IPs in state of the art CMOS process technologies and has successfully placed products/IPs into production, preferably multiple times.
* High level proficiency in performing physical verification check (DRC, ERC, LVS, ANTENNA rules) with PVS/ Calibre tools.
Required Qualifications Language: English
Education Background: Degree in Electrical Engineer or Computer Science.
* At least 3-5 years professional experience in microelectronics custom layout design
* Background in analog layout designs like ADC, DAC, Oscillators, regulators, PLLS, op-amps, comparators, current mirrors, active- loads, voltage regulators, charge pumps, etc.
* Fullchip or block level integration of mixed signal GDS
* Deep sub-micron process design experienced. Up to 14nm is preferable.
Require skills: Cadence Virtuoso (Layout), PVS, Calibre Verification.
Certificate: N/A
Age: 28 - 45
Gender: Open
* Self Motivated
* Good verbal and writing communication skills.
* Strong problem solving ability
* Understanding of circuit principles as affected by layout such capacitance, speed, noise & electro migration.
Language English:Fluent
Other Languages:Hindi
Holidays 18 days AL
18 days Medical Leave
Welfare Accomodation allowance RM 800 (Foreginer only)
Transport allowance RM 200
Meal allowance RM 1,200