Sales Engineering ManagerID:48512

5,000 MYR ~ 7,000 MYRPerai
  • Job Category

    Process Engineer, Sales Engineer, Project Engineer, Electrical Engineer(Power/Voltage), Process Engineer, Production Management, Sales Engineer, Project Engineer, Production Management, Circuit Design(Design/Implementation), Production Technology/Process Development, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Service Engineer, Other(Electrical/Semi-Conductor) Engineer, Production Technology/Process Development, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Service Engineer, Other(Mechanical) Engineer

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  • Job Description

    【Routine Work】
    ‐Discuss by email individual subjects with Customer members.
    Engineering, Production status, Material status, QA matter etc
    ‐Production status monitoring
    In acse any trouble, coordinate alternative solution together with each team.
    Discuss with Purchasing and PC to make smooth production schedule.
    -In case parts delivery issue, direct negotiate with japanese PIC.

    -Check DI(Diffusion Index) amount
    In case higher DI amount, instruct purchaseing team to adjust the parts delivery date based on the production schedule.
    -Confirm the next week production schedule.
    -Enter shipping information to the Customer Web portal.

    -Regular PO(purchase order) receive from Customer
    Summarize total PO items then inform to Purchasing team to start MRP(Material Requirements Planning System) and making production plan.
    -Confirm production plan for coming month which provided by PC.
    -Part PO issuing (PO sheet confirm and approval).
    -R7(Ignition risk) checking and amend if needed.
    -Checking Gross Margin report.
    -Checking and making graph raw material price trend (metal sheet / copper / alu etc) .

    -Making yearly / half yearly budget for Customer sales based on the forecast information.
    Review the passed few years sales trend (by model and qty) then reflect to the new budget also.
    -Sets Machine budget.

    【RFQ(Request For Quotation) and NPI(New Product Install)】
    -Checking BoM(Bills of materials) and alternative parts to issue parts PO which making by engineer.
    -Follow up sample parts delivery status.
    -Getting approval from Customer to making new equipment or JIG.(including equipment quotation)
    -Making sample production schedule.
    -Each time update any information to Customer .
    -Respond on any inquiry from Customer.
    Making cost data once parts quotation fixed.
    For internal parts quotation(KP, Machinery), I will making parts cost data by myself at this moment.
    Mark up Headquarter commission.
    -Getting official approval from Customer to start mass production.

    <Production Team>
    -As much as possible eliminate production problem.
    Considering together with engineering team to make JIG / line layout / equipments to increase qty / quality /efficiency.

    ‐Update ECN(Electronic Communications Network) which provided by Customer Web portal.
    -Consider new JIG / Tool from my knowledge to improve production efficiency.
    -ECN / Drawing / Working manual approval.

    <QA(Quality Assurance)>
    -Together making cause and contermeasure report in case quality issue occurred.
    -Instruct IQC(Incoming Quality Control) checking point.
    -ECN implementation.

  • Requirement

    ‐Experience: More than 5 years experience as a sales manager of Manufacuturing Industry.
    -Languague:English(business level)
    -Characterisic:Fairness, Patience against pressure

    ‐Experience: Related Industry's experience

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  • Benefit

    ‐AL:8days(first year),after that additional 2days every year(Maximum 20days)
    ‐MC:14days(first year),after that additional 4days every year(Maximum 22days)
    ‐Transportation allowance:RM40/month(Car), RM20/month(bike) ※distance one way at least 10km
    ‐Medical Allowance:RM30/per 1time(unlimited)
    ‐Skill allowance
    ‐Perfect attendance prize
    ‐Long-term work award

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